Belfast Go tournament

On the 27th and 28th of august there was a Go tournament in Belfast where our Go club was represented by Laurens. In 2009 Laurens managed to take second place in this tournament. This year however It did not turn out as well. A stronger field, as well as having to rush like a mad man to make it in time, resulted in a 6th place this year. With a score of 2-5 Laurens was not all that happy about the result, but still had a great time at the tournament.

The week prior to the tournamnet Laurens had been on holliday in Scotland. On the morning of the first tournament day he had to get up at 4:30 to catch a flight from Edinburgh to Belfast. In the end he barely made it in time for the first round. In that first round he managed to win relatively easy from a 1d. The second round had a very tough oponent for laurens. 3rd dan, and later tournamnet winner Andrew Simons proved too strong and a loss was inevitable. Not a bad first day at all. After the rounds we went to eat chinese food with the other people from the tournament.

The next day however disaster struk. The first opponent was a (strong) 1kyu who had done a great job represented Ireland during the last amateur championships in Korea. Laurens had no proben building a solid lead. After an succesfull invasion inside a moyo a win should have been easy. But, beeing greedy, laurens tried to connect some 3-4 dead stones to the invasion group before making two eye's, instead of just living and beeing ahead by some 30 points. In the end the invasion died and Laurens ended up 30 points behind. After this some very agressive playing allowed him to make a comback and get ahead again by a few points. His opponent, now in byoyomi, was having troubles managing his time and was using ataries to gain time, when all of a sudden an opening presented himself and Laurens's opponent managed to capture 2 stones. It being endgame by now, made that there was no time to make up for the loss. The game ended in a 0.5 point loss.

In the next game, against another 1 kyu, Laurens played very very bad again. Letting a living corner become an early ko, resulting in him having to give up some 25 points in exchange for winning the ko. In that same game he also almost made the same mistake of being too greedy with an invasion. This time however he managed to live without too much trouble. When the invasion lived the game was over nad Laurens won his second game.

The last game was against a 3d and winner of the 2009 tournament. After making a mistake in a corner I gave it away in exchange for a really massive center. Then later in the game Laurens found a great tesuji and managed to connect his dead corner to the center. This should have been a won game from here. But concentration started to drop once more. Missing an atari const him 3 stones making it a close game, then when fighting the last 0.5 point ko of the game Laurens made another crusial mistake in responding to a ko threat, resulting in a seki in the corner. in the end tha game was lost by around 5-6 points. His opponent even apologized for the win, which was nice of him, but did not change the result ^^.

Thanks to Ian Davis (aka Javaness) the tournament ran smooth and without any problems. He managed to do the pairings for the each round by hand and still have the rounds start on time.

After the tournament I managed to catch a ride to Dublin with 4 other people from the tournament. After a couple of days in and around Dublin it was time to go home again and make the final preparations for the Delfts tournament.