Laurens Spijker


Born in The Netherlands in 1985. I Started playing Go in October 2005 when invited by a friend to join his recently started Go club in Harderwijk. I moved to Delft at the end of 2006, and have, since then, been active in the Go Club Delft. In 2012 I moved to Bergen op Zoom, but I still play in Delft occasionally.

I can usually be found on KGS using the nickname “freegame”. I also have other accounts on KGS as well als accounts on other Go servers. Since I started playing online, I have played over 5,000 games on KGS (using several accounts). This has brought me to approximately 3dan KGS. (2dan EGF).

I have participated in more than twenty tournaments, including the 2009 European Go Congress and the preliminaries of the 2010 and 2012 Dutch Championships.

In early 2008 I started my own teaching school, “freegame’s Teaching School”, in 2010 I wrote a Go book called "The Next Move" both of which are a great success.