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Frederik promoted to 4 dan

Frederik Spanhoff has been promoted to 4 dan. On januari 9, the classification committee of the Dutch Go Association decided that Frederik's achievements in recent tournaments were sufficient to promote him to 4 dan. His 5/5 score in the Dutch Go Competition was a significant contributing factor, of course.

Herman Hiddema and Gelmer Bouwman promoted

Herman Hiddema has been promoted to 4 dan. He was promoted after 4 years as a 3 dan, on the merit of (among others) his successes in Leksand, the Dutch Team Competition and the Winter Go Tournament 08/09,

Gelmer Bouwman has been promoted to 3 dan. This is Gelmer's third promotion in one year; at the end of 2008 he was still 1 kyu. Will a fourth promotion follow before the end of 2009?

Laurens takes 2nd place in Belfast Open 2009

Belfast top 3

At September 26th and 27th the Belfast open Go tournament took place in Northern Ireland. There were 17 players from the UK (7), Ireland (8), Poland (1) and The Netherlands (1). The McMahon bar was set at 1 kyu with 4 people above the bar including Laurens Spijker. The main time was 50 min and there were 3 periods of 10 seconds overtime. The games were played with Japanese rules and 6.5 komi for white.

By winning three of the four rounds Laurens Spijker managed to take second place in this event, behind Matthew Crosby who won all his games.... Read more >>

Laurens Spijker


Born in The Netherlands in 1985. I Started playing Go in October 2005 when invited by a friend to join his recently started Go club in Harderwijk. I moved to Delft at the end of 2006, and have, since then, been active in the Go Club Delft. In 2012 I moved to Bergen op Zoom, but I still play in Delft occasionally.

I can usually be found on KGS using the nickname “freegame”. I also have other accounts on KGS as well als accounts on other Go servers. Since I started playing online, I have played over 5,000 games on KGS (using several accounts). This has brought me to approximately 3dan KGS. (2dan EGF).... Read more >>

Herman Hiddema wins Leksand Open

With a perfect 6/6 score, Herman Hiddema (3d) won the Leksand Open Tournament in Sweden, held August 13-16. Along the way, he defeated Swedish players Tomas Boman (2d) and Martin Li (5d), as well as fellow Dutchmen Bas Vet (2d), Willem Koen Pomstra (5d), Renee Frehe (4d) en Siu Hong Chung (2d).

Martin Li beat Willem Koen Pomstra for second place, getting a 5/6 score. Third place went to Pomstra on SOS, ahead of the two other player on 4/6, Renee Frehe en Erik Ochterlony (3d). Club member Bas Vet only played 3 rounds, finishing 10th.... Read more >>


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