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Frederik promoted to 4 dan

Frederik Spanhoff has been promoted to 4 dan. On januari 9, the classification committee of the Dutch Go Association decided that Frederik's achievements in recent tournaments were sufficient to promote him to 4 dan. His 5/5 score in the Dutch Go Competition was a significant contributing factor, of course.

Herman Hiddema and Gelmer Bouwman promoted

Herman Hiddema has been promoted to 4 dan. He was promoted after 4 years as a 3 dan, on the merit of (among others) his successes in Leksand, the Dutch Team Competition and the Winter Go Tournament 08/09,

Gelmer Bouwman has been promoted to 3 dan. This is Gelmer's third promotion in one year; at the end of 2008 he was still 1 kyu. Will a fourth promotion follow before the end of 2009?

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