Delft Go Tournament 2009

The Delft Go Tournament 2009 will be held in the weekend of 5-6 september. The new location we used last year was excellent, in part due to the nicely low prices for drinks, so we will be playing at the same location this year.... Read more >>

Higher State of Concentration

Higher State of Concentration

Deze prachtige foto is gemaakt door Thomas van Hemert op de clubavond van 5 Februari 2009 in Cafe de Klomp.
Voor deze en meer foto's van Thomas, zie Read more >>

Club evening moves to Thursdays

For some years now it has been such that The Hague go club Seki and the Go Club Delft have had their club evening on the same day. Therefore up untill now it has been impossible to go to both clubs at the same time. After some inquiries inside both clubs it turns out that there is sufficient demand to go to both clubs when the club evenings are on different days of the week. Also there is the desire from members of our club to move the club evening to thursday.... Read more >>

Report on the Delft Go Tournament 2008

De trofee: Een Delfts blauw tegeltje
The Delft Go tournament 2008 was a big success. The tournament was won by Willem Koen Pomstra (5d), who defeated Geert Groenen (6d) in the 4th round. Of special note was the performance of Lucas Neirynck, a Belgian 2 dan from Louvain-la-Neuve, who scored 4 wins against strong opponents, and only lost to tournament winner Willem Koen.... Read more >>

Delft 2008

Pl. Name Str Nat Cl. MMS 1 2 3 4 5 Pt SOS SOSOS
1 Pomstra, Willem Koen 5d NL Arnhem 27 19 + 10 + 3 + 2 + 5 + 5 123 610
2 Groenen, Geert 6d NL Den Haag 26 17 + 6 + 16 + 1 - 4 + 4 123 615 ½
3 Verhagen, Rudi 5d NL Enschede 25 9 + 4 + 1 - 15 + 7 - 3 124 ½ 611
4 Spanhoff, Frederik 3d NL Den Haag 25 15 + 3 - 7 + 6 + 2 - 3 124 ½ 609
5 Neirynck, Lucas 2d BE Louvain-la-Neuve 25 18 + 7 + 17 + 9 + 1 - 4 122 610
...

Gent Go Tournament

Our partner club, the "Gentse Go Genootschap", is organizing a go tournament on the 5th and 6th of juli. A delegation of players for the Go Club Delft will be visiting. Who want to join us? Please send an email to Bas.

More info to follow.

Delft Go Tournament 2008

After three succesful editions in the past years, the Delft Go Club organizes the fourth Delft Go Tournament. In the weekend of the sixth and the seventh of September 2008 participants coming from all over the country and even from Belgium and Germany battle for the title of Delft Champion 2008. The winner will be rewarded with a suprising reminder. The tournament will be helt at a new, attractive, location in Buurthuis St. Olof in Delft.... Read more >>

Introduction Course started for April

All of the month of april there will be an introductory course on wednesday evenings. Between 20.00 and 21.30, Bas Vet (1k) will teach, after which players are free to continue playing on their own.

Bonustournament was a big succes

The recently held bonus tournament was a big succes. A bonus tournament is a lightning tournament where contestants get bonus points for drinking beer. Winning a game was worth 1 point, while drinking a glass of beer (0.25 liter) was worth 0.3 points.

The 14 contestants played a full round-robin over 13 rounds. The first round started at eight o'clock in the evening, and the last round was finished around half past two at night. The tournament was won bij Willem Koen Pomstra (5d), who won 12 out of 13 games and drank 14 beer, for a total of 16.2 points. Second place went to Frederik Spanhoff (2d) with 11 won games and 13 beer (14.9 points) and third was Herman Hiddema (3d) with 8 victories and 16 beers (12.8 points).... Read more >>

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