Club evening moves to Thursdays

For some years now it has been such that The Hague go club Seki and the Go Club Delft have had their club evening on the same day. Therefore up untill now it has been impossible to go to both clubs at the same time. After some inquiries inside both clubs it turns out that there is sufficient demand to go to both clubs when the club evenings are on different days of the week. Also there is the desire from members of our club to move the club evening to thursday.

For the above reasons our club evening will move to thursdays as of thursday 8th of January. We hope that for most of our this is a convenient day and that our more people will be able to come to our club evening. We would like to apologize to people who cannot come to our club on thursdays. An alternative for them could be Go Club Seki in The Hague. The club is situated in De Sierkan, Van de Wateringelaan 118, The Hague. Their playing hours are from 19.45 to 23.45.

Café De Klomp has informed us that they are willing to accomodate us without cost also on thursdays. We would like to thank them for this. The only condition for their cooperation is that we make the large table available for a group of regular customers that will arive at 10.30. I would like to ask you to help us in complying to this condition. Thanks in advance.

Bas Vet