Herman Hiddema wins Leksand Open

With a perfect 6/6 score, Herman Hiddema (3d) won the Leksand Open Tournament in Sweden, held August 13-16. Along the way, he defeated Swedish players Tomas Boman (2d) and Martin Li (5d), as well as fellow Dutchmen Bas Vet (2d), Willem Koen Pomstra (5d), Renee Frehe (4d) en Siu Hong Chung (2d).

Martin Li beat Willem Koen Pomstra for second place, getting a 5/6 score. Third place went to Pomstra on SOS, ahead of the two other player on 4/6, Renee Frehe en Erik Ochterlony (3d). Club member Bas Vet only played 3 rounds, finishing 10th.

A Dutch group trip to the Leksand tournament is beginning to be a tradition, started about six years ago by Willem Koen Pomstra. This year the Dutch van contained the strongest group yet: Apart from the players mentioned above (5d, 4d, 3d, 2d, 2d) these were Rene Goedhart (3d), Karen Pleit (1k) and Catherine Verbrugge (17k, Belgium), a total of 19 dan grades. So it was no surprise that many of the top games were between Dutch players, which did not, by the way, decrease the tournament fun in any way.

On the contrary, the excellent new location at the Folkhögskola and the fun player group made this version of the tournament to one of the best ones yet. The Folkhögskola had 2-person rooms with shower/toilet/internet voor about 20 euro p.p. and also offered breakfast (4,50 euro) and a warm lunch (6,- euro). On top of that, the venue was immediately adjacent to lake Siljan, so the participants could have a nice swim, and was only 20 minutes walking distance from the Leksand city center.

Prior to the main tournament, a number of smaller events were organized. On Wednesday there was a Rengo tournament, which was won by a team consisting of Siu Hong Chung, Bas Vet en Catherine Verbrugge. In an exciting final they defeated the Dutch-Swedish combination team Herman Hiddema, Olof Fridh (1d) and Peter Lundqvist (4k). The Lightning tournament on Thursday was won by Willem Koen Pomstra with a 6/7 score; second and third place went to Siu Hong Chung (5/7) and Herman Hiddema (5/7).

Full result at: http://goforbundet.se/iresultat/09/leksand.php
Pandanet ranking after this tournament: http://www.eurogofed.org/eurocup/rank09-10.htm