Zomersluiting de Klomp

Our regular playing location cafe de Klomp is closed from 31th of July until the 15th of August.
Thursday the 18th of August is again a regular go club evening.

Delft Go Tournament 2016

The Delft Go tournament will be held on the 10th and 11th of September. The tournament location is the DUWO Densportcentrum Sebastiaansbrug.

Time table

Type: 5 rounds MacMahon 1 hour and 20 seconds byo-yomi
Locatie:DUWO Denksportcentrum SebastiaansbrugZusterlaan 114 Delft
Registration:Cost: € 12,50 (one day € 7,50)€ 2,50 discount for yought < 18 years, students, players <10 kyu
Contact: Vincent de Boer (GoClubDelft -at- hotmail.com)

Registration...

Uitslag Delft 2015

# Name Club Rang Score 1 2 3 4 5 Pt SOS
1 Alexander Eerbeek - 5 Dan 42 2+ 6+ 5+ 7+ 3+ 5 198½
2 Fan Liu Delf 3 Dan 41 1- 4+ 8+ 6+ 7+ 4 199
3 Gelmer Bouwman Delf 3 Dan 40 6- 12+ 9+ 5+ 1- 3 197½
...

Learn Go Week

Saturday the 13th of September, the by gogameguru initiated 'learn go week' begins.


Along with Seki Hague we want to participate and will be in different locations with a large self made 9x9 board.
Nothing officially settled, but I don't think we'll be chased away somewhere.
We start at the grass field of the library in the TU campus, around 11:30.
If there is no audience, we go towards the town center. And in the afternoon likely to The Hague or Rotterdam.

Are you interested? Come along! I have also a normal 19x19 board and some flyers.
And if it works out, we'll go to different locations thoughout the week (in the evenings).
If you have suggestions, let us know! (e-mail to goclubdelft at hotmail dot com).

Uitslag Delft 2014

# Naam Club Rang Score 1 2 3 4 5 Pt SOS
1 Aaij, Rene Gron 4 Dan 15 6+ 12+ 3- 7+ 2+ 4 68
2 Rehm, Robert xxxx 5 Dan 15 10+ 7+ 4+ 6+ 1- 4 67
...

Summer stop 2014

From the 10th till 24th of August, cafe de Klomp is closed.
This automatically means that the go club Thursday evenings of the 14th and 21st of August are skipped.

If you're afraid to get go deprivation symptoms, come to Summergo: http://www.zomergo.nl/en/node/3
Playing go 5 days in a row!

Last club evening of 2013

Thursday the 19th of December is the last club evening of 2013.
The week after that, the cafe De Klomp is closed.
Next year club evenings will continue on the regular Thursday evenings in De Klomp.

Hope to see you there!

Uitslag Delft 2013

Place Name Club Level MMS R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Pt SOS
1 Vanderstappen, Filip Leid 5 Dan 17 16+ 4+ 9+ 8+ 3+ 5 70
2 Aaij, Rene Gron 5 Dan 15 3- 6+ 4+ 5+ 7- 3 75
3 Bouwman, Gelmer Delf 3 Dan 15 2+ 8+ 5- 9+ 1- 3 75
...

Summer holiday

Playing location "de Klomp" is closed for the coming two weeks. The 18th aug they are open again, so the next regular playing date is Thursday the 22th.

Delft Tournament 2013

Better late than never. After it becvame clear the current tournament location was closed, a search was started for a new, affordable, location.
Which we found: DUWO Denksportcentrum Sebastiaansbrug.
So, in the weekend of 7th and 8th september, the ninth Delft tournament will be held!
Chance for someone to win the Delft 1st place tile (again), or, if you're not one of the top players, to work on your EGC rating or score a 4 out of 5 or even 5 out of 5. And for everyone to have a nice weekend.
So join!

For more information, see Information 2013.

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